Robe of seasonal luxury… “Tempura Endo Yasaka”


Enjoy eating the tempura at Gion, Kyoto where gracefully adorned with seasonal beauty

“Tempura Endo Yasaka” is located in Gion, Kyoto.
The 90-year old sukiya-style (traditional teahouse architecture) building was formerly used as an ochaya (“teahouse” where geisha parties are held).

A flight of stone steps, the restaurant curtain and lantern-lit stone pavement lead you to the entrance.
“Tempura Endo Yasaka” welcomes you with the delicate fragrance of Japanese incense.
When you take a seat, there are many freshest foods on bamboo baskets in front of you.
For example, Kyoto vegetables, mountain vegetables, seafood from the Japan Sea and the Inland Sea, and freshwater fish from pristine waters of Lake Biwa.
Tempura Endo Yasaka is looking forward to you with young sweetfish and bamboo shoot in Spring, Matsutake mushroom, goby and ginkgo nut in autumn.

The chefs cook tempura in a most timely manner.
It’s great hospitality!


Abundant seats respond to various needs

There are so many seats at Tempura Endo Yasaka.

If you choose the Japanese-Style Tempura-Bar and Tempura-Bar Ozashiki, you can enjoy watching the professional technique and eating tempura in front of fresh seasonal vegetable and seafood.

At the classical Japanese “Sukiya-style Ozashiki” (teahouse) tatami-room with antechamber is surrounded by Japanese style yard and spot garden, you can spend the time for important business meeting and reception, party, etc…
This room is suitable for both families exchange engagement gift and marriage meeting.


Restaurant Information

【Address】566 Komatsu-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto Japan 605-0811
【Access】10-15 minutes from Keihan Railway Shijo Station or Hankyu Railway Kawaramachi Station on foot


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